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Chris White is a Creative Director in Dallas, Texas

I’ve always known I was a writer, and not just because my second grade teacher told me so. Although it did encourage me to keep scribbling down poems for the elementary school newsletter. Shout out to Ms. Coston!


Fast-forward to now, and I'm a self-proclaimed advertising addict with a fierce craving for the industry. My leadership skills, strategic thinking, passion for collaboration, meticulous attention to detail, and pure love for the written word have helped me inspire teams and create cross-channel experiences that don’t simply engage audiences, but making lasting connections. I take great pride in my work as a copywriter, my mentorship role as a creative director, and the fact that my dog shatters every negative stereotype about pit bulls.

Ten things I love: Writing (preferably in purple ink), reading, photography, helping others succeed, symmetry, practicing yoga, traveling, roaming art museums, spending time in nature, and kickin it with my pupster.

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