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Chris White is a Creative Director in Dallas, Texas

For the last 16 years, my skills, discipline and pure love for the written word have given me the ability to bounce from voice to voice for a variety of brands. As a creative director and writer, I spent my days presenting to clients, working with the strategy team, managing day-to-day projects, mentoring team members, and keeping my writing skills sharp.


My freelance work has furthered my career through learning, inspiration and greater creative fulfillment. I've been published in international theatre publications. My writing was featured in an exhibit at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science. I've provided website content for a variety of businesses and nonprofits in DFW including The Thanks-Giving Foundation. And recently, I ghostwrote an illustrated book about starting and growing a business. 


When I'm not writing copy, I enjoy photography, volunteering, roaming museums and galleries, practicing yoga, working out, and taking long walks with my dog, Jesse.

I'm currently available for a full-time gig, so if you like the work you see, give me a shout! 


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