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FedEx Small Business Acquisition Campaign

This campaign exceeded program goals for new account sign-ups by 130% with ~20% lower cost per acquisition. It attracted a 23% higher mix of business accounts over personal accounts and drove a 5.2% higher conversion rate over the default experience.


It was a Wednesday afternoon when I got the call from my SVP ECD. FedEx needed ideas for a new campaign. The target? Millennial and Gen Z small business owners. The timeline? About 36 hours. So my ACD art partner and I got to work.


After combing through strategy decks,  watching TikToks to learn how the cool kids talk, and staring at my laptop screen for way too long, I saw it. The phrase "all in" staring back at me, hidden within the words "small business." We had our idea.


The creative strategy was to reach this target through media they loved, using the language they spoke, recognizing their hard work, and celebrating their entrepreneurial spirit.  


I wrote a manifesto and together, we came up with ideas hinged on social media trends, and planned an experiential event—complete with a Bubble Wrap battle station. The client loved the concept. And I loved how the boots-on-the-ground team brought it to life through social media ads, fresh website pages, animated banners, and even a Nascar wrap featured at Talladega Superspeedway.

Bonus: It was also the winner of a Gold Horizon Interactive Award.

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