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Google Assistant Newsletter Refresh

When you're asked to completely overhaul existing recurring creative, it's the perfect opportunity to push the limits. And push the limits we did.


I led my team in rebuilding the Google Assistant Newsletter from the ground up. The refresh introduced a new name, a modern UI with personalized dynamic modules and interactive AMP functionality, a contemporary illustration style enhanced with animated GIFs, and timely content written in a playful, edgy tone—peppered with emojis for a little extra spice. 🤩 


After months of testing, a new champion was named, and the refreshed newsletter lives on to this day. Each month, it provides users a fresh perspective on AI's role in everyday life by highlighting Google Assistant features, helpful tips, and the latest tech news.


P.S. Want to spend more time reading the copy, plus learn about the creative strategy behind the long scroll format? Check it out.

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